The Past, Present and Future

Find About How This Adventure Started

Pia Banzhaf, from the Cultural Studies and I, Nel Coloma-Moya from the Geography Department, started Material Matters at Queen’s University in 2014. We needed a space where we could discuss our thesis in an interdisciplinary forum. We stumbled at first not knowing how to reach out to students but eventually found the doorways and bulletin boards where our posters would be noticed. It was slow in the beginning with only our friends showing up to participate. Eventually, other students started to get involved with some interesting presentations garnering bigger crowds. Our loyal friends came regularly and eventually Georgia Carley, from the History Department, took over for the next academic year. She was very well organized and ran the event well. She then passed it on to Gurveer Bains, Geography Department, and Jennifer Wigglesworth, School of Kinesiology and Health, who also had some success in 2015.

Material Matters is the perfect venue to explore your theoretical framework, workshop your research conclusions, practice your presentation skills, and have your thinking expanded by the work of your fellow graduate students in different departments.

Material Matters At Seneca

When I started teaching at Seneca College in the fall of 2015, students who had needed an opportunity to present their class project became interested in helping me develop a similar forum: a student-led discussion group that we presented in the spring of 2016.

Initially, the World Geography LSP101 from the SIBM program became involved in organizing the event, creating flyers, certificates, and getting involved in the Sandbox, a technology studio where they learned how to work the cameras with the support of the library staff who ran it. Jennifer Peters, Julio Palacios, Ewan Gibson, and Mohamad Tafish and Anujaya ChInthaka Dissanayak.

Of note were students who worked hard to make the forum work: Iqra Shahid, Ibrahim Mansaray, Saad Ather, Trevor So, Haitham Almohammed, Soyeb Memon, Mohammed Alzahrani.