A Big Thank You To “ALL”

Here is a showcase of everyone who helped make this event possible.


My name is Ricardo, I’m in the BMI program at Seneca College. I’m not what many people would consider outspoken, I tend to keep my thoughts and opinion to myself, I’m pretty much an introverted guy.  

However, I decided to join Material Matters to challenge myself and to practice speaking in public, which I struggle with. It was a safe and comfortable environment to do in and i’m happy I was able to go through with it.

Santos Nuguid

Hi, my name is Santos Nuguid. I’m a fourth-year student at Seneca College enrolled in the Honours Bachelor of Commerce – International Management program. I’m originally from Singapore with an educational background in “English and Linguistics” from the University of Singapore along with English teaching experience in China, South Korea, India, and Taiwan.

Our First Event

Prof. Nel Coloma Moya

Previously in the Fall of 2016 and 2017 to address the students’ needs to obtain bonus marks in the LSP101 World Geography Course for the SIBM program. At the time we were able to utilize the Large Sandbox as a place for experiential learning because the students not only developed the marketing material to raise class awareness of the event but also to learn to use the audiovisual equipment to record the event. At that time we handed out certificates of participation, aided by Jennifer Peters’ staff to support the students and recognize their effort.

This year, a similar need occurred with the students requesting a means to obtain bonus marks, and the organization of the event was quickly put in place. A flyer was created, circulated and volunteers to run the audio-visual equipment, documentation with a student doing the photography, organizing for the food and set up of the room as well as 7 hosts eager to take part in the discussion.

The topic was related to a reading they had “How to Overcome Ethnocentrism” which is a theme found throughout the term which they are eager to discuss further. The concept was to be tested in the final exam and so the event is an opportunity for the students to review the material, develop their critical thinking, and hopefully have fun with their peers.

The pizza and pop will be ample reward for the effort they have put into it understanding that this is the end of term and they are surely busy with their other courses.

We Hope More People Will Join Soon